Miracle Sports Cream FAQ

What is Miracle Sports Cream?

Miracle Sports Cream was developed by athletes, for athletes. We believe that being in your best shape doesn’t have to require chemicals. Miracle Sports Cream blends 11 all-natural ingredients known for anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and pain ameliorating elements into a breakthrough performance cream. Its healing power comes from the highest quality green tea-infused coconut oil, CBD-rich organic hempseed oil, Arnica Montana—a flower with anti-inflammation, anti-bruising and pain relief properties, Camphor, and powerful essential oils. All these combine into a winning formula for improved muscle-readiness and accelerated recovery.

What's Miracle Sports Cream good for?

Athletes love Miracle Sports Cream as part of a pre-workout, in-workout, and post-workout routine. Mircle Sports Cream is incredibly effective for warming up or soothing sore muscles, minimizing neck/back/joint pain, and relieving the symptoms of tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, and arthritis. It can also stop muscle cramps in its tracks. We’ve also found that when used regularly and consistently, it has overall benefits to how the body feels and its ability to quickly recover from training and competition. Train harder and perform better with Miracle Sports Cream.

How do I use it?

Miracle Sports Cream is a unique oil + wax formula developed to be a therapeutic massage oil for superior penetration and long lasting relief. For best results, massage the cream into targeted areas until completely absorbed. The cream will melt into an oil consistency upon skin contact, with maximum penetration achieved when the wax forms a seal, locking the healing oils under the skin for optimal results.  By massaging it in, it loosens up stiff muscles, breaks up scar tissue and stimulates blood flow.  The invigorating cooling effects are heat activated, whether by sweat or warming up the body (sauna, hot bath). Our customers have even reported that using this cream consistently and long term has noticeable benefits to the body feeling better overall. Massages with the cream allow for increased tolerance of deeper massages, which breaks up more knots and scar tissue for better results.

When should I use it?

For sore muscles or stiff joints: Massage cream on target areas. Repeat as often as needed until discomfort is relieved. For chronic or nagging issues, use daily and consistently along with stretching and mobility exercises for maximum benefit. 

For muscle cramps: Use immediately to relieve the cramp within seconds.

As a training aid: It's critical to incorporate Miracle Sports Cream as part of your PRE-WORKOUT routine. Miracle Sports Cream contains herbs that increase circulation, helping your body warm up and priming muscles for demanding activity. Put it on the body parts you will be pushing hard, whether that's feet and legs for runners, or whatever muscle group you will be focusing on for weight training. You will find it's easier to get started, you're less likely to pull a muscle due to lack of warm up, and things burn less. This means you can train longer, get in more reps, and even train more consecutive days, as using Miracle Sports Cream before workouts reduces soreness from the previous days' training. 

Soreness Relief: Use after workouts to minimize soreness and accelerate recovery. 

I left my cream in the car on a hot summer’s day and it melted! Is this normal?

Yes. Miracle Sports Cream is an all-natural product and we pride ourselves on the fact there are no chemical stabilizers in the formula. We recommend the ideal storing conditions be in a cool, dry place. However, should you leave it in your gym bag in the car on a super hot day, it can melt, but rest assured, if you leave it in a cool or room temperature setting, it will solidify again. Melting will not change its effectiveness or make the product defective. Some customer even like to heat up the oil for an ultra-penetrating hot oil massage. Just make sure the cap is securely tightened after each use so it doesn’t leak in the event it melts.

I am a [massage therapist | chiropractor | trainer | gym owner]. How do I incorporate Miracle Sports Cream into my services?

We have a partner program for wellness providers who would like to incorporate Miracle Sports Cream into their practice, become a reseller or both! Our partners find that incorporating our products into their services adds a premium, and can generate additional revenue and repeat business. Please contact us for more details.


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