Scintillating Bath Tea Flight

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Our super fresh Bath Teas smell AMAZING are the perfect way to melt away stress after a long day.  The soothing blend of healing salts, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and natural herbs will relax your body while soothing aromatherapy heals your soul.  All our bath teas are made fresh in small batches, and are best used within 1-2 months of receipt. Get ready drift away into bliss. 

Each flight includes five single-use bath teas including:

Awakening (Eucalyptus Rosemary):bath tea bath salt eucalyptus rosemary essential oils epsom salt respiratory covid symptom relief

Take a deep breath as our Awakening Bath Tea transports you to a mystical forest filled with the fresh smell of rain. The electrifying, piney top notes of eucalyptus and rosemary awaken your senses, providing clarity of focus, even enhanced psychic awareness. This bath tea puts you perfectly in an exalted, meditative state. Drift away from your physical body into spiritual realms, where you can realign your mind, body, and soul. If you’re feeling under the weather, this bath tea is supportive of the respiratory system, helping you open your sinuses, relieve congestion, and breathe better.

epsom salt bath tea lavender chamomile insomnia relief sleep essential oils home spa herbal

Calming (Lavender Chamomile): 

Having trouble sleeping? Our Calming Bath Tea is the perfect lullaby. Like a nurturing hug for your senses, this bath tea features calming aromatherapy from soothing lavender and chamomile to melt away stress, floating you way to a warm, blissful happy place where your spirit is unburdened and free. Use before bed time for a relaxing send off into sweet dreams.

rose bath tea bath salts epsom salt essential oils home spa mom gift

Love Goddess (Rose): 

Your body has never experienced love like this. Immerse yourself in a bath of fresh roses and emerge a radiant Love Goddess. This luscious bath tea features Epsom salt to relax your body, coconut oil for luxuriously soft skin, and premium rose oil to indulge your body and soul. You’ll emerge from the water feeling gorgeous inside and out. A true O.M.G. experience.

bath tea bath salt epsom salts lemongrass bergamot essential oils relax home spa

Rejuvenate (Lemongrass Bergamot):

Super fresh citrus top notes followed by earthy bamboo make our Rejuvenate Bath Tea a breath of fresh air. When life starts to feel dull, reach for this bath tea to bring a sparkle of positivity back to your world. This subtle yet uplifting blend of lemongrass and bergamot, with a touch of lavender and rosemary, blends relaxation with inspiration as it soothes your body, rejuvenates your senses, lifts your mood, and reminds you that life is amazing.

sandalwood clove bath tea bath salt epsom salt essential oils relax athletes sore muscle relief joint pain

Recovery (Sandalwood Clove):

Let the healing power of arnica montana, clove, sandalwood, frankincense and peppermint melt away sore muscles and body aches. Our Recovery Bath Tea features therapeutic grade essential oils to reinvigorate your body, with aromatherapy benefits that are spiritually centering and restorative. This bath tea is a sensual not-to-be-missed experience for recuperating your body, grounding your spirit, and can accelerate recovery from tough workouts.


Directions: Remove the Bath Tea bag from the pouch and place it in hot bath water to activate. Let the warmth and therapeutic aroma soothe your soul. Apply Miracle Sports Cream immediately after your bath for a relaxing tingle that will have you sleeping like a baby. 

Ingredients: See individual product listings for ingredient lists. All bath teas feature epsom salt, essential oils, and herbs for the best smelling, most relaxing bath of your life.