Botanica Bath Bundle

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In times of stress, the Botanica Bath Bundle is the perfect way to create stay-at-home zen whenever you need it. 

This bundle comes with your choice of two single-use bath teas (with or without 50mg CBD) and one 2oz jar of Miracle Sports Cream

Create Your Mindblowing Home Spa Experience

Our super fresh Bath Teas smell AMAZING are the perfect way to melt away stress after a long day.  The soothing blend of healing salts, therapeutic-grade essential oils, and natural herbs will relax your body while soothing aromatherapy heals your soul.  All our bath teas are made fresh in small batches, and are best used within 1-2 months of receipt. 

relaxing spa experience pain inflammation muscle relief

After taking a relaxing hot soak, immediately apply Miracle Sports Cream to your body for an amazing body buzz that will loosen your muscles and feel amazing. Miracle Sports Cream is an all natural therapeutic massage cream with 11 herbal extracts to relieve aches and soreness and to stimulate your body's natural healing responses. Pure essential oils also provide mood boosting aromatherapy benefits (no kidding, this stuff smells AMAZING). When combined with heat from the soak, the gentle menthol will activate for a pleasant tingle, having you feel like you just got a massage.

Who needs Netflix + Chill when you can Netflix + Massage? Create your own hidden oasis for the self-care that elevates your body and soul.

Directions: Remove the Bath Tea bag from the pouch and place it in hot bath water to activate. Let the warmth and therapeutic aroma soothe your soul and lift your mood. Apply Miracle Sports Cream immediately after your bath for a relaxing tingle that will have your body and soul refreshed.

Ingredients: See individual product listings for ingredient lists. All bath teas feature epsom salt, essential oils, and herbs for the best smelling, most relaxing bath of your life.

Please note: Due to state laws, CBD products can not be shipped at this time to Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota.