What Puts the Miracle in Miracle Sports Cream?

One of the questions we get asked from time to time is why our cream is called Miracle Sports Cream. Never by people who have used it, but once in a while by someone who is interested in trying.

It’s a good question. Particularly because we live in a culture where everything is oversold.

This Car Is #1 in Its Class!

This Moisturizer Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger!

Lose 25 lbs in One Month on Our Diet Plan!

In a world where everyone is shouting how their product is earth shattering, we throw out the word Miracle. So here’s the story behind the name.

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As the founder of Body + Soul, my goal when I was young was to become an Olympic/professional athlete. But after tearing my ACL at the age of 12, I reinjured it every other year, requiring surgery. I had 5 major knee surgeries by the time I was 19. Not only did I have no chance of being a college let alone professional athlete, the injuries debilitated my body to the point I spent most of my 20s in significant pain.

There were days I had back spasms so severe, I couldn’t use my legs. Doctors prescribed daily painkillers to be taken like vitamins, and recommended more surgery.

painkillers pill alternative cbd pain relief cream arnica montana

It didn’t seem like any of this was making me better so I began to pursue alternative treatments including physical therapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, and yoga to strengthen my body.

In 2014, after having my son, my body struggled to recover from the pregnancy and the extra weight. The doctors took an X-ray of my left knee which was bone on bone, and said it looked like the X-ray of a 70 year old. They informed me I was probably looking at knee replacement sooner than later.

I was already used to being disappointed with my body. But now, as a mother, it had new implications. When my back was unstable, I couldn’t pick up my baby. If my knees continued to deteriorate, I wouldn’t be able to play basketball with my son, explore the world with him in the rough and tumble style of boys. And if there was danger would I be able to protect him? These anxieties kept me up at night.

Around the same time I met a massage therapist who was studying the healing properties of herbs, trying out different infused oils to use during massage. She sparked in me a feverish obsession to learn about different plants and botanicals and how they could work together. I was convinced that for our bodies to heal, it required two key components—a reduction of inflammation which causes pain and inhibits mobility (cooling herbs such as eucalyptus and camphor), and stimulating new blood flow to promote the body’s natural ability to heal (warming herbs such as CBD, arnica montana and ginger).

herbal pain relief cream cbd arnica hemp miracle sports cream herbs for knee and joints arthritis

I was determined to balance these two concepts in a chemical-free cream and after 3 years of formulation, hundreds of versions, I locked down a formula that worked beyond my wildest expectations. It featured 11 herbal extracts including hemp-derived CBD, arnica montana, camphor, rosemary and other essential oils with anti-inflammation, antioxidant and pain relieving properties, all working synergistically as an entourage. No other product on the market had the same lineup formulated in a way that maximized immediate relief with long term healing results.

I started using the cream before my workouts. Even if things were hurting, it would turn the volume of my pain way down, sometimes off, and I was able to push myself harder and do more. I used it after workouts as well and noticed that I wasn’t as sore the next day, no matter how hard the workout. Since it was formulated to be a massage cream, I had a daily ritual before bed: I would watch Netflix and massage myself with the cream, looking for any place that felt sore or had knots or scar tissue, then massage it until it wasn’t painful anymore.

Over time, many of the chronic pain issues went away. I lost over 30 pounds and got really fit.

julia shih founder body + soul miracle sports cream cbd arnica montana hemp herbs pain relief athletes

I noticed that using it consistently every day, my body could tolerate way more intense and frequent workouts. I would recover from soreness and injuries such as pulled muscles and sprains so quickly. It was easy to even forget I had bad knees, because they simply became non-issues.  Without pain inhibiting my mechanics, I was able to increase mobility with stretches and plyometric exercises. These effectively resolved imbalances caused by muscle groups overcompensating for weaker muscles.

I started playing basketball again, and whereas in the past, I would need at least 2-3 days if not a week in between sessions to recover, I could now play every day if I wanted. During one stretch, I played 8 days in a row, and only stopped because mentally I knew I had to rest. Then came a pivotal event. At the age for 41, I got an offer to play college basketball, realizing a dream I had long given up on. For me, this was a miracle. 

miracle sports cream hemp pain relief cream cbd recovery knee surgery joints arthritis athlete performance aid

People noticed that my body had completely changed. They would see me putting the cream on at the gym and ask about it, so I would share it, often giving away my jar to someone if they said they had a nagging issue that wasn't going away.

Then something unexpected happened. People started seeking me out and asking for that “miracle cream.” They would tell me they recovered from a sprained ankle in two days instead of two weeks and were blown away. That they got a bad muscle cramp in the middle of the night and the cream “put the gremlin to sleep” in a few seconds. That it had been the only thing that made their sciatica go away. That they felt like they got 10 years of their legs back. Someone gave it to their elderly mom and she was walking on the stairs unassisted now, something she hadn’t been able to do in years. 

pain relief joint arthritis knee back cbd cream arnica montana elderly care

Every time someone told me a story like that, it blew my mind and filled my heart. This cream was changing lives in so many different ways. I had formulated this cream as a shot in the dark to help my own body heal, and now it was making a positive difference for others. So often, pain colors our outlook on life, and by helping people find freedom from pain and regain whatever level of active lifestyle they desired, they were able to get so much more out of life. Helping people gave me a sense of true purpose, so I left my tech job and started Body + Soul.

body and soul all natural vegan bodycare skincare cbd arnica montana herbs hemp essential oils bath salt organicBody + Soul products use the best that nature has to offer (never chemicals) to treat your body and nurture your soul so you can live your best life. These days, it's so easy to push ourselves until our bodies and spirits break down. Particularly for women, we are so used to balancing work, life and family, putting everyone else first that we forget to take care of ourselves. 

organic all natural herbs hemp cbd essential oils bath salt tea pain relief cream aromatherapy

Body + Soul products give you simple ways to treat your body and soul, helping your recharge and reconnect with who you are and your inner balance and strength. They don't just feel amazing, they SMELL amazing, providing aromatherapy benefits to uplift your mood and spirit. Remember, you can't take care of others unless you are taking good care of yourself. So treat yourself well. See what more you can accomplish when you do. Because, YOU DESERVE IT.

Much love,

Julia and Team Body + Soul